Networking Village

The 11th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR

Online on 20 October 2020
Turku, Finland

Watch the programme recording


The Virtual Annual Forum took place online on 20 October 2020.  840 participants registered for the event.  If you registered for the event you can still visit the stands till the end of the year 2020 by using your personal event link. Interactive opportunities are not available but you can get to know materials and watch videos from 26 interesting stands.

Programme recording is available for everyone interested (subtitled version coming soon).

Where is the Virtual Networking Village?

You can access the Virtual Networking Village when the event starts on October 20. Before this you need to register latest on October 18. You will receive your personal link day before the event. The Virtual Networking Village can be easily found under the live stream window.

What I can do in the Virtual Networking Village?

Participants can enter 26 different stands, explore the information and interact with the stand holder via chat or video call.  Room representatives are available during the Networking breaks to answer questions. 

This year the Networking Village will be available online.  

Virtual Networking Village will host more than 20 virtual stands presenting PAC’s work as well as organisations from the BSR. Participants can access the Virtual networking Village in their browser or via mobile application launched later. The list of stands shows what is available and participants can visit the ones they are interested. Materials include for example videos and documents. Participants can also interact via chat or video call with the virtual stand holder. Networking village materials will be available a little time after the Forum, therefore participants are not rushed to visit all stands during the event. Chat and video calls however are only available during the event on 20 October 2020. Programme will have two networking breaks.

The Virtual Networking Village presents an excellent opportunity to get a better overview of all the work that is been carried out within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, EUSBSR. Participants can browse different rooms, find information and engage in conversations and video calls with exhibitors. Virtual Networking Village will use modern tools to create possibilities to network and find information online.

If you have an idea for transnational cooperation, the Virtual Networking Village is the place where you can discuss if and how the idea can be fitted into the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

Within each Policy Area, collaborative processes, so-called flagships, are in progress. In flagships participants from different levels of governance, local, regional and national, from the private, public and civil sectors, cooperate and co-create solutions to mutual societal challenges or make better use of opportunities with colleagues in the Baltic Sea region. Exhibitors will be coordinators of the Policy Areas and horizontal actions of the EUSBSR as well as other stakeholders.

 If you have questions, please contact