Practical information

The 11th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR

Online on 20 October 2020
Turku, Finland

Watch the programme recording


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and concerns regarding the situation later this year, the organisers decided to produce the Annual Forum virtually. The Virtual Annual Forum took place online on 20 October 2020. Programme recording is available for everyone interested (subtitled version coming soon).

In all questions regarding the 11th EUSBSR Annual Forum in Turku, please send an email to:

Q & A 


Registration and EUSBSR Online Annual Forum

What do I need to do before the EUSBSR Online Annual Forum?

You should: 

Sign up for interesting online workshops. This year, they’ll be held before the Annual Forum. The list of workshops and sign up links is available here

Make sure you have a suitable device available, such as a mobile phone, a laptop or a desktop computer. If you wish to video chat with other participants, your device should have a working camera. 

Register for the Annual Forum. Specific instructions available below.  

How to register for the Annual Forum? 

The registration for the Annual Forum is now over.  

What happens after I register?

First, you will receive a confirmation email with a link that you can use to change your personal details or cancel your registration. One day before the event, 19 October 2020, you will receive an email with a personal link to the Online Annual Forum. Please keep this email safe, as it is your only way to access the Annual Forum. 

What device do I need to watch and participate in the EUSBSR Online Annual Forum?

You can choose if you want to follow the Annual Forum via the Live Stream page or Mobile Application. Therefore, you either need a desktop computer, a laptop or a mobile phone. All options offer you the same opportunities for watching the programme, participating in the interactive sections and networking. Please keep in mind that if you want to participate in chats, you’ll need a device you’re comfortable writing with. If you want to participate in video calls, your device needs a camera. Please note: You should not use Internet Explorer as your browser when you visit the live page of the EUSBSR Annual Forum. 

What is the Annual Forum Mobile Application?

You can now download the application, you will find it here. The Mobile Application and the Live Stream page offer you the same opportunities to use networking tools and watch the programme  The app could be useful if you cannot access a laptop during the Forum, for example. 

Virtual Networking Village

What is the Virtual Networking Village?

This year the Networking Village will be available online. The Virtual Networking Village will host various virtual stands presenting the work of PACs, as well as organisations from the BSR. Participants can access the Virtual Networking Village in their browser or via the mobile application that will be published later. Main programme will have two Networking Breaks which are the perfect time to explore the virtual stands. 

Virtual stands will consist of different content – videos, pictures, documents etc. Participants can enter a stand, explore the information and interact with the stand holder via chat or video calls. Networking Village materials will be available a little after the Forum, therefore participants are not rushed to visit all the stands during the event. 

Where is the Virtual Networking Village?

You can find the Virtual Networking Village from the Live Stream page when the event starts on 20 October 2020.   


Are there any workshops this year?

Online workshops will take place before the main event. Registration for the workshops is done separately, each workshop has their own registration process. They’ve been organized in cooperation between the different Policy Areas of the EUSBSR and other stakeholders. Please remember to sign up for the workshops in advance. Registrations are open right now and the workshops are already being held. Sign up links are available here.  

Where can I find results and information about the workshops?

Please visit this page for up-to-date information: Workshops 

The highlights of the workshop results will be presented and discussed during the Annual Forum. You may also ask questions about the results from the workshop holders during the Forum’s networking pauses as workshops will have one virtual stand in the Virtual Networking Village. 

How to network in the Online Annual Forum?

How do I interact during the Online Annual Forum?

The first option will be the main chat room during the event. The participants will have a chance to ask questions and reflect on presentations. Polls and questions will be asked from the audience to see how they feel about certain topics. 

The second option is the ‘Chat and Meet’ virtual version – a private chat that can be started with anybody who has created a profile and is visible in the networking chat list. Participants can browse the participant list to find people with common interests or expertise. They can then start a chat and share their views and thoughts. There is also an option for one-on-one video calls to discuss the topics more closely. When you register, you can choose if you want to use this function. 

The third way will be the Virtual Networking Village. The Forum will host many virtual stands presenting PAC’s work as well as organisations from the BSR. Participants can enter a stand, explore the information and interact with the stand holder via chat or video call.  

Video calls can be scheduled  from 9AM to 9PM, timezone CET. When scheduling, the system shows slots that last 20 minutes, but you can talk for a longer or shorter time than that. You can control the times you  want to be available for video calls from your Chat & Meet tab.

In the programme, there will be networking breaks when it will be possible to visit stands and meet people virtually. Please notice that in order to see your new messages, you need to visit the Chat and Meet tab. 

Please note: If you answer “no” to the “I consent that my name and organisation will be published in the forum participant list” when you register to the Forum, you will not be able to use the networking tools during the Forum.